News & Overview


  • 2008-12-20
    • Memory leak in JNI write functions fixed
  • 2008-02-18
    • Open the correct device in usb_open when multiple devices are attached on Linux
  • 2008-01-25
    • Zero length control messages bug fixed
  • 2007:
    • 64-bit support
    • Neagative device handle bug fixed, error code handling improved
    • New Ant-target for building the shared library on Mac
    • Support for non standard USB descriptors (e. g. HID descriptors)

Sourceforge project page of the Java libusb wrapper.


Java libusb wrapper is a Java wrapper for the libusb (0.1) and libusb-win32 USB library.

  • libusb aims to create a library for use by user level applications to access USB devices regardless of OS.
    • libusb 0.1: is supported
    • libusb 1.0: has a completely new API is not supported (see the libusb wiki for details)
  • libusb-win32 is a port of the libusb library to the Windows operating systems. The library allows user space applications to access any USB device on Windows in a generic way without writing any line of kernel driver code.

The Java libusb wrapper is known to work on Linux, Windows and Mac, but should work on every operating system which supports libusb and Java.

This software has originally been developed by members of the Computer Science Laboratory at the University of Applied Sciences of Technology NTB, Buchs, Switzerland.